Vide Homme's Logs on Em Tee

Entry One
Em Tee continues to impress. Their skills have progressed well beyond what anyone had expected, though the memory wipes take a toll. Singling out the problematic memory patterns and destroying them keeps them obedient and unquestioning, though it damages their capacity and skill every time we do so. Em Tee cannot be allowed to recall who they were – much less some of the more expensive the work that they have been made to do. Our clients pay for secrecy as well as results.

Entry Two
It seems Em Tee has gained a fan. I was contacted by an investor that was very interested in Em Tee’s skills. The offer they made was astronomically better than any of our previous jobs. I didn’t need to consider it, I said yes on the spot. As soon as Em Tee finishes up this latest job, I am sending the recall command to check their memory and ensure nothing of their past has bled through so that we can send them on this new task immediately. They will be accompanying a Hypercorp team through a Pandora gate, stealing the TITAN artefacts that the team gathers and bringing them back for our client – right under the Hypercorp’s nose. This is exactly the kind of work they were made for.

Entry Three
Em Tee never returned. My investor informed me that the expedition through the gate was a complete loss – no survivors, no chance to pass through the gate and retrieve the cortical stacks. No matter, Em Tee was always intended to be expendable. The client wanted another fork to attempt another gate, this one out on the Kupler Belt. So I forked a new beta of myself, erased the problematic memory fragments and put them into another of the old disposable Ayah pods we have sitting around. Turns out it was a good thing, this Em Tee seems to retain much more of my skills than the last. They are signed up to go through the gate to find the ‘next big score’. All that’s left to do is hope that this one is more resourceful than the last and can survive the trip.

Entry Four
News came that there was a terrorist attack on some transit station on the edge of the solar system. I knew right away that it was the transit station Em Tee was passing through – not many active stations by the Kupler belt and all. I was ready to fork a new beta of myself to start over again, but out of curiosity I sent the recall command and to my surprise Em Tee reported back. I told the client and they were surprisingly ecstatic. They instructed me to send the fork straight back to where it came from. Apparently it presents an “unprecedented opportunity”. When Em Tee arrived, I wiped it’s memory of our meeting and sent them back without adjusting their mission parameters. They’ll not recall the past week, but it’s the best I can do on short notice.

Vide Homme's Logs on Em Tee

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